23 March Pakistan Day 2023 Status, Quotes, Messages

The Pakistan Day military parade is apprehended at Parade Ground next to the Shakarparian hills in Islamabad. 23rd March 1940 a day when history was written down, the fortune of a nation was certain in fact the nation was make a decision its own fate and a weak concept was turned into a firm mission. The day typically begins through a 31-gun salute in Islamabad whereas provincial capitals mark it through 21-gun salutes.

23 March Pakistan Day 2023 Status, Quotes, Messages

A main characteristic of Pakistan Day celebrations is a procession at Constitution Avenue in Islamabad. Pakistan Day is a public holiday in Pakistan to consider the Lahore Resolution on March 23 every year. Pakistan Day marks the anniversary of a 1940 declaration calling for a separate homeland for Muslims in India, as fine as the adoption of the Pakistani Constitution in 1956, which complete the country’s transition from a British dominion to an independent republic.

May our country be bestowed with the
blessings of peace and harmony.
Wish you 23 March

Hum To Mit Jairn Gay Ae
Arz-e-Watan Lakin Tum Ko…!!
Zinda Rehna Hai Qayammat
Ki Sehar Honay Tak…!!
Happ 23rd March.

Pakistan Tujhe Salaam
Roushan Rahey Tera Kalaam
Raat Aur Din Chamke Tera Naam
Tujhi Se Hay Subha Meri Tujhi Se Mera Shaym
Her Waqt Yaad Aati Hay Teri Fizaeean
Jab Bhi Leta Hai Koi, Pardes Mein Tera Naam
Pakistan Tujhe Salaam
wish u 23rd March

Pakistan Zinda Baad
Oh my dearest country;
Wish you a Happy and Strong Future.
23 March 1940
Pakistan Zinda Baad

There Are Some Unforgettable Days
In The History Of Any Nation.
23rd March 1940
Is Very Important Day
On Which
Quaid Gave A Plateform
To The Movement Of Pakistan
And This Is A
Milestone Of Pakistan’s History