Bicycle Price in Pakistan 2022

Bicycles in Pakistan are obtainable for all users, from children to men at dissimilar prices. Parents, specifically will love the advantages of this action because they permit children an chance for exercise whereas still being safe from injuries or other hazards connected to motor vehicles. Sohrab BiCycle is one of the oldest companies that are operational in Pakistan basically they make dissimilar models of style but one time they commence the motorbike that was not well-known and then they close the production.

Bicycle Price in Pakistan 2022

This standard cycle is a black-colored variant through high tempo and durability and It has 22-inch wheels which can carry up to 150 kg nylon tires on its handlebars making for easy handling although being large enough for two people at once. You can find the perfect fit through different budgets and preferences no subject what your sport or lifestyle needs.

The disc brakes guarantee smooth stops with no any worries regarding dusty wheels due in part to its dual-suspension design- perfect if ride off-road isn’t quite a new region but gets exciting every time several terrain fishermen are thrown into the mix. Because numerous the people use the bicycle for morning exercise whereas many of the people who do not give the motorbike now they are by the bicycle.

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Sohrab bicycles have been a basis of inspiration for generations and The company’s initial single-speed roadster was commence in the 1960s and it remains one of their mainly popular models today 50 years later. This organization identify how important presentation is without compromising everything else such as weight or durability.

Bicycle Price in Pakistan
Bicycle in Pakistan Price in Pakistan
14-inch Cruiser Bicycle with Training Wheels BLUE PKR. 43,000
Morgan bicycle 20 inch PKR. 31,600
Foldable Speed Bicycle 26 Inch PKR. 25,899
Speed Bicycle (SP7070) 24 inches PKR. 23,999
Sohrab Bicycle 22 Inches Standard PKR. 15,999
New Mountain Bicycle 20 Inch PKR. 11,300
Great Sports Bicycle For Children PKR.  10,699

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