Biometric Verification for Vehicle Registration & Transfer Made Mandatory in Punjab

Punjab Motor Vehicles Rules 1969 would be adjusting to biometrically confirm the vehicles registration as a substitute of the transfer order forms. The digital database will get the data beside the owner of the vehicle in real-time from NADRA’s online database by the fingerprints.

The government services opt to switch to digital forum in order to add transparency to the procedure and also effort to get rid of the notion inadequacy generally associated through the system. The citizens have been informing to use the E-pay online service to avoid irritate in the offices and in case they do have to appointment in person, it is requested that they create prior meeting through the Appointment Management System (AMS).

The chance of tax evasion for the motorists will also be purge, and the department’s returns will increase. Transferring the ownership means varying the name of the car’s owner from your name to the name of the buyer and to transfer the ownership of your car, certain papers would be required.

Steps for Vehicle Biometric Registration

  1. As the buyer and vendors would have to physically appear at the excise office to get their vehicle registered or exchanged.
  2. The biometric identification system would help to eradicate the tout mafia involved in preparing false registration papers.
  3. The fingerprints of the vehicle owners are verified in real time from the NADRA online database.

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