BMW Bikes 2022 in Pakistan Price, New Models, Photos

BMW is a famous company and BMW bike’s price in Pakistan 2022 is obtainable here. Later than the huge success of BMW 4 wheelers worldwide, now they open 4 BMW bikes in Pakistan of four dissimilar categories. The K-1600 GT is a visit category motorbike that has a liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, six-cylinder, in-line engine of 160 hp that provide 129 lb-ft. of torque and Its payload capacity is 454 pounds or 205 kg, and it has a price tag of Rs. 8,970,000.

BMW Bikes 2022 in Pakistan

The bikes have been here earlier than but only when BMW bike lovers bring in them individually. The 850 GS is an escapade category motorbike through a maximum tank capacity of 15.14 liters and an 853cc engine that provide 90 hp at 8,250 rpm. Dewan Motors is preparation to add more bikes to the BMW Motorrad in Pakistan and we are animated to see which ones. The German automotive giant, Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, has open four motorbikes in dissimilar categories in Pakistan.

BMW Bikes Price in Pakistan 2022:

2022 S 1000 RR $16,995
R 1250 RS $15,695
K 1600 B $20,095
K 1600 Grand America $25,595
K 1600 GTL $26,245
K 1600 GT $24,045
R 1250 RT $18,645
S 1000 R $13,995
G 310 R $4,845
R 1250 R $14,995
F 900 R $8,995
R nineT $15,495
R nineT Pure $9,995
R nineT Scrambler $12,995
R nineT/5 $12,495
R 1250 GS Adventure $20,195
R 1250 GS $17,895
F 850 GS Adventure $14,445
F 850 GS $13,345
F 750 GS $10,395
G 310 GS $5,795
F 900 XR $11,695
S 1000 XR $17,645
C 650 GT $10,995
C 400 X $6,795
C Evolution $13,995

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The bikes obtainable by this company comprise dissimilar categories which include tour bikes, heritage bikes, adventure bikes, sports bikes, urban mobility bikes, and roadsters. BMW Motorcycles and Bikes efficient prices in Pakistan, Islamabad, Peshawar, Multan, Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi and more, If you are seems for the absolute specifications, comparisons, and skin list of BMW Motorcycles in Pakistan along through their pictures.

K-1600 GT

R-18 Cruiser

850 GS

1250 GSA

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