BRT Peshawar (Metrobus) Route Map & Bus Stations

The Peshawar BRT project is a bus fast transit system that has been under building by the Peshawar Development Authority (PDA) since the past few years. The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government has publicize that Peshawar BRT’s ticket prices will range among a minimum of PKR 10 and a maximum of PKR 50 depending on the distance travelled by each passenger.

BRT Peshawar (Metrobus) Route Map & Bus Stations

The corridor will be typically at-grade, whereas elevated U-turns and BRT only eminent segments & tunnels are provide at sure locations to eradicate the conflict through mix traffic. It is also significant to note that 200,000 Zu Cards will be agreed to the passengers for free in the early months after the launch, later than biometric verification of passengers.

BRT Route Info

Route 1B – Ring Road to Amman Chowk

Route 1C – Ring Road to Hayatabad

Route 1D – Chamkani to Hayatabad via Charsadda

Route 1E – Kamboh Adda to Hayatabad

Route 1F – Kohat to Karkhano

Route 1G – Chamkani to Warsak

Route 1H – Charsadda to Bara

A communication by the transport company thought the route would make easy the residents of the southern parts of the district and make sure their quick access to the center city. BRT adding 10 buses will control on this BRT route from 6 am to 10 pm.

The BRT buses will be able to serve together dedicated BRT corridor and other off-site BRT feeder routes as fine. There will be total 8 BRT routes out of which 1A is leaving to be built as devoted from Chamkani to Hayatabad whereas other seven routes will serve as feeder routes.

BRT Bus Stations Info

  1. Chamkani Chowk
  2. Chughal Pura
  3. Dr Zareef Memorial School
  4. Sethi Town
  5. Sikandar Town
  6. Gulbahar Square
  7. Hashtnagri
  8. Qila Bala Hisar
  9. Hospital Road
  10. Khyber Bazaar
  11. Soekarno Square Secretariat
  12. Dabgari Gardens
  13. Railway Station
  14. State Bank of Pakistan
  15. Saddar Bazar
  16. Mall Road
  17. Khyber Road Airport
  18. Gora Qabristan
  19. Tehkal
  20. Tambuwaan
  21. Abdara Road
  22. University Town
  23. KTH University of Peshawar
  24. Islamia College
  25. Board Bazar
  26. Tajabad
  27. Hayatabad Model School
  28. Hayatabad Phase 3
  29. Tatara Park
  30. PDA Hayatabad
  31. Cancer Hospital

Peshawar BRT will have 31 places along 26 kilometres of the Grand Trunk Road, also recognized as the N-5 Motorway, captivating passengers east to west across town, by way of an elaborate network of feeder buses manufacture it easy to arrive at all part of Peshawar through ease.

BRT Fare Info :

Distance Traveled (Kilometres) Fare (PKR)
0.1 to 5 10
5.1 to 10 15
10.1 to 15 20
15.1 to 20 25
20.1 to 25 30
25.1 to 30 35
30.1 to 35 40
35.1 to 40 45
40.1 or more 50

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