Chery E-Car for Women Price in Pakistan & Specification

Chery revealed QQ Ice Cream Joyous Peach, a solid, colorful, friendly-looking ride for women seem for something comfy. The concept car has wider fenders (area on top of the tires), bigger wheels and sidebars. The Cherry QQ Ice cream, the source of its feminine counterpart and It is an electric minicar under the iCar label shaped by Chery New Energy, a subsidiary of Chery Automobile.

Chery E-Car for Women Price in Pakistan

A light car running on a light battery finally means less fuel and cheaper replacements (and higher profit margins). QQ Ice Cream Joyous Peach targets a special position in the car market unique to China. Other carmakers support special versions of their original cars for women, and then some make cars specially designed for female audiences.

Chery E-Car for Women Price in Pakistan & Specification

The car specification are more than enough for daily commute. The electric vehicle is powered by a single electric motor with 27 hp and 85 Nm torque. 8.8kWh battery for 120 km of range or 9.3 kWh for 170 km range and The battery size is surprisingly small, but the range is good enough and The top speed of the vehicle is limited to 100 km/h for all versions. Depending on specs, it can cost from $5,930 to $7410 and Its electric car dimensions are 2980mm x 1496mm x 1637mm, with a 120 mm wheelbase.

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