How to become an inDriver Driver

How to

inDriver always shows the total expenditure of the ride as fine as its destination and inDriver is one of the top three ride-hailing services in the world by downloads. Through inDriver you are instantly on the go and Just request a ride in the app and obtain offers for a lift from nearby drivers. The average cost of rides with inDriver is 30-50% cheaper than when taking traditional taxi cabs, carsharing or additional ride-hailing services.

How to become an inDriver Driver

Participants of the group available where they wanted to go and the price that they were eager to pay for the trip, drivers contacted customers and approved out orders. The people living in Pakistan go to social media and created an Independent Driver’s group that allowable consumer to post a request for a ride and what price they would pay.

How to Book a Ride from Indriver App

Registration is free and easy; inDriver guide you online in 30 minutes and If you have a car, inDriver is a ride-hailing service which provides a immense opportunity to earn extra money. This is an economic model that uses peer-to-peer action that allows individuals to obtain and provide goods and services to one another.

How to become an inDriver driver

1. You have to have a Lagos vehicle license for your car.

2. You should drive with Bolt or Uber with a working profile.

3. Or you should have a Police Character Certificate.

4. Your car should be no later than 2000 or newer.