How to Book a Ride for Airlift Bus Service

How to

Airlift’s exclusive model utilizes Toyota Coasters and Toyota Hiace Grand Cabin vans through 12-22* seats on different high demand routes and Airlift currently operate in Lahore and Karachi only. Airlift New transport services that have emerge in Pakistan; they’re obtainable in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad.

How to Book a Ride for Airlift Bus Service

The rates have been increased for ride in Uber, B4U and Careem due to which the people face trouble in terms of economy and at such a point, an additional technological entrant in the riding apps has staggered everyone specially for being economical.

Regarding 15 minutes earlier than the designated entrance time of the “Airlift”, you will receive an SMS reminder, which is a fantastic idea to save time and keep users apprised of their vehicle’s movements. Pakistan continues to record an rising number of Covid-19 cases and the spread cannot be contained inside enclosed areas such as buses and vans.

Airlift Bus Route

  • Currently, Airlift runs routes across most major areas in Islamabad, Lahore & Karachi.

Airlift is an alternative to online taxi services and public transportation in Pakistan that offers you high quality rides through fixed routes, timings and prices. Unluckily, we are not contribution services to children who are less than 16 years old and model requires users to book a seat on our app and stride to the stop. That is often demanding for young children for security purposes.

How to Book a Ride for Airlift Bus Service

  • Create an Airlift account on our Android/iOS apps
  • Select pick up and drop off points on a given route and book your seat
  • Take a short walk to our pick up point to onboard the bus
  • Take a short walk from our drop off point to get to your destination.