How to Change PTCL WIFI Password 2022

PTCL is the major company that provides internet service in Pakistan and Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) is the mainly commonly used internet network in Pakistan. When a new Wi-Fi PTCL modem is installed, Pakistani choose to set a Wi-Fi password and But the old modem and WiFi devices of PTCL are immobile facing the problem of receiving hacked by the other users to have the free WiFi service.

How to Change PTCL WIFI Password 2022

When you buy the New Charji or Install the New Wi-Fi PTCL Modem you desire to enter new wifi passwords. Later than the newest wifi modem is activated, people would like to put a new wifi password. Many users are irresolute of how to change the password on their PTCL wireless router and therefore, we have gathered information in form of a way to help you through the basic steps of password reset that you will encounter.

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Open the browser and Go to the search bar at the peak of the any browser and There are some other internet service providers as well but mainly people use PTCL broadband services. There is also numerous others internet examine provider, but the majority of people use PTCL broadband services in Pakistan. The prominent Internet service provider in Pakistan is PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited) and mainly of the users have PTCL Wi-fi services in their homes and in offices for use.

1. Select Web Browser
Go to Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera.

2. 192.168.1 or address 
Type your IP address on that search bar and press enter. The IP address is 192.168.1 or

3. Admin Username and Password
Most of the times, the evasion username is “admin” and also the password is “admin”. If username and password for PTCL Broadband modem is not “admin” then you can ensure username and password of it on the back of PTCL modem or the PTCL modem box.

4. PTCL Admin Panel
From this admin panel, you can observe all your PTCL modem settings. On the left surface of the admin panel, you will see Wireless in the list of options. Click on Wireless.

5. Got to Security
From the list of options, you require to click on Security. Scroll down to the finish of this form, you will see an option of WPA/WAPI passphrase bar.

6. Now Get New Password
After clicking on it enter a “any new password” you want. At the bottom of this form, you will see the Apply button. “Apply” to set a new password for your PTCL Wi-Fi and later than you click on apply, your PTCL Wi-Fi router will restart and your new PTCL Wi-Fi password will be efficient automatically. You need to enter a new password on your device if you want to use PTCL Wi-Fi. Anytime you experience that someone is using your Wi-Fi then you can easily change Wi-Fi using the steps mentioned.

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