How to Check CNIC Number With Mobile Number

How to

The government of Pakistan is almost the notion of e-governance all through the country by utilize cutting-edge technology and solutions. In case you are question how you can check CNIC number through a mobile number then we will offer the absolute solution for this. The Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) is the card that recognize an person as a citizen of Pakistan. It is very simple to check the mobile number of sims and let me tell you how you can ensure your mobile number through CNIC.

Earlier than these computerized cards, NADRA matter the manual National card (NIC) to each citizen of Pakistan. You ought to have a legitimate CNIC if you would similar to to avail of varied facilities in Pakistan. NADRA also provide the system to check the Computerised National Identity Card status online but this technique is more convenient.

1: Dial *8484# on your smartphone/tablet

2: Choose the option ‘4’ if you want to know the number of devices registered on your CNIC.

3: Select ‘1’ if you are a Pakistani (Local/International Traveler/Dual Nationality Holder).

4: Enter your CNIC number. Make sure to double check your ID number before submitting. Do not use ANY special characters such as ‘–’ .

5: Reply with ‘1’ to complete the process. If you are not sure about any of the details provided then reply with ‘0’ and start the process all over again.

PTA has newly given Pakistanis the option of a USSD system to let users register their devices by merely dialing *8484# and here you can get the complete details of How to Check CNIC Number With Mobile Number. There are several other things for which you require a valid CNIC and the NADRA system was not so good but through time, their system has improved a lot. This 13-digits number will be assign as your CNIC number when you turn 18. each citizen have to register for CNIC at the age of 18.

To check CNIC from your phone who should follow the following steps:

  1. Open the app of text message.

  2. Send a blank text to 677.

  3. After a while, you will receive a text back with all details you need to know.

  4. Among those details, you’ll find your CNIC number.