How to Convert Your Sim to Jazz, Ufone, Telenor, Zong, Warid

You can Convert Your Sim to Jazz, Ufone, Telenor, Zong, Warid. Several found their network call and SMS plans classy and some people are facing the calling signal problems. This is a extremely simple and simple method that you can do now by sending an SMS from your active number.

Pakistan all networks are difficult to quicken their business by generous and organization advantageous and attractive bundles to offer clients great offices and reassure. It was recognized and obtains popular between the people of Pakistan due to its exceptional features and services.

The coverage of Jazz or Mobilink is now accessible in each corner of the country. All the networks in Pakistan are kept on commence different packages at special prices. Some networks are stirred to 4G, various are still 3G networks.

  • Convert Your Number to Jazz/Warid?
    You can convert your sim to Mobilink by visiting nearest Jazz Franchise/Main Office or selected retailer outlet.
    Take your original CNIC along through an active SIM to convert your number to Mobilink.
    The sim’s number will be converted in four working days.
    The service is free of cost from the main office.
  • How to convert Your Number to Telenor?
    Send MNP to 667, You will receive a message with your connection details.
    Forward this message to 76345 with your CNIC number and name.
    Then Visit your nearest Telenor franchise along with your CNIC and convert your network to Telenor.
    User will pay Rs. 60 for this process while he will get an initial balance of Rs. 50 when his network will be converted in Telenor.
  • How to convert sim to Zong?
    Type MNP in a message and send it to 667
    The reply will be a text message asking your name and CNIC.
    Write your name and CNIC number in a text and send it to 76313.
    SIM network will be changed within four working days.
  • How To Convert Sim To Ufone?
    Go to write a message and type MNP and send it to 667
    You will get a message asking your Name and CNIC Number
    Write your NAME and CNIC and send it to 76333
    After this, visit any Ufone franchise for the confirmation of your request with original documents
    Take your original CNIC and one Photocopy with original SIM for which you place the request
    Your SIM network will change to Ufone as soon as possible.

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