How to create Payoneer Account in Pakistan

How to

In a world of globalization where the barriers apprehended no meaning when it came to cross-cultural businesses among companies and professionals, cross-border payment platforms turn out to be ever so important. To apply for a Payoneer Account, simply log in to your online account through your Payoneer mass payout company, choose Payoneer as your payment method, and you will be intended for to an application page.

How to create Payoneer Account in Pakistan

Once you have registered yourself on Payoneer as an person or a company, you will be qualified to receive payments. JazzCash and Payoneer have teamed up to make possible the Freelancers in Pakistan by enable them to /directly make or link their Payoneer account from JazzCash application to receive funds.

Payoneer Registration in Pakistan  

For registration, requirements include:

  • Having a local bank account,
  • Stating your residential address,
  • Being at least 18 years old,
  • A picture of your national identity card (CNIC), driving license, or even passport for verification purposes.

Payoneer is an online money transfer solution that has ease money transfers across dissimilar countries. It has over 1500 employees based in over 21 global offices and serve over 5 million customers and It came to light as an option to PayPal, which is not in attendance in some countries.


  • Fastest service to receive payments
  • Supports 200 countries and 150 local currencies
  • Send and withdraw money directly with a Debit card
  • No Payoneer fees for receiving international transaction
  • Supports payments using an E-check
  • Requires no bank account for signup
  • Provides mobile app service for easy transfers
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Free global payments between Payoneer accounts

In Pakistan, payoneer is recognized to work through ATMs of MCB, Standard Chartered, and Faysal Bank. Freelancers can now inventory their new Payoneer account throughout JazzCash mobile account application or just link their current Payoneer account through JazzCash.


  • Higher exchange fees as compared to Paypal
  • Requires $20,000 of minimum monthly payment
  • 2% to 2.75% currency conversion charge
  • High Mastercard exchange rates for non-listed currency
  • Lengthy signup process with lots of paperwork

When withdrawing payment from your Payoneer account in Pakistan, standard charges of 3% per transaction and currency replace fee is deducted. Apart from transfer money to one’s own bank account, cross transfers among two Payoneer accounts can also be completed which are completely free of costs.

How to Sign Up Payoneer account and order Payoneer in Pakistan?

1) In the first step, the basic details have to be filled up. Be sure to write the correct date of birth as it will later be verified with the copy of identification that you provide.

2) After putting in the basic personal particulars, the user has to add their contact details. The address that is to be added in this step is the one where the Payoneer account details will be sent, so be sure to add the correct one.

3) The next tab is of security related details. Plus, you will also be asked some identity details too in which you can choose to add either your NIC or the Driver’s License etc.

4) Lastly, you will be asked about your banking details.