How to Download Videos from Facebook on Android Mobile

Here’s how to download a full video from Facebook on your Windows computer or an iPhone or Android device. If you desire to share that video, you can copy the link and throw it to a friend, or DM it to them throughout the app.

Although there’s a key next to clips on the website that declares “Save video,” all this does is add the video to your “saved video” bookmarks to watch later on Facebook. Popular video sites frequently make it hard to download content, frequently for copyright and returns reasons and If you plan to download Facebook videos frequently a browser add-on or an exterior app might provide you better.

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Maybe you want to demonstrate a parent, or access it when you’re offline and in order to download a video from Facebook, you’ll have to follow throughout through a few steps and now here is the steps of How to Download Videos from Facebook on Android Mobile.

1. Open the Facebook app on your Android device.
2. Find the video you want to download.
3. Then tap the three-dot icon above the video.
4. Next, select Copy Link from the menu that appears.
5. Open a browser app on your device and paste the link to the address bar.
6. Replace the www with mbasic in the URL.
7. Then hit Go on the on-screen keypad.
8. Next, tap the video.
9. Then tap and hold on the video on the next page.
10. Next, tap Download video.
11. Once the download is finished, click Open to view the video.