How to E-Pay Punjab Vehicle Transfer Fee

E-Pay Punjab has of late incorporated a collection of online payment services for 21 taxes for 10 departments. This step has been full to discourage the sale and purchase of vehicles on open letters, and to make sure the maintenance of proper records against each vehicle in the national database. ePay Punjab is enabling citizens to pay their taxes by using 3 different electronic payment channels and attractive the count of levies to 20 by covering nine dissimilar departments of Punjab since its launch in FY 19-20.

How to E-Pay Punjab Vehicle Transfer Fee

ePay Payment Channels

• Internet Banking
• OTC (Over the Counter) banking transaction
• Mobile Banking
• TELCOs Agent Network
• Mobile Wallets

This app is not limited to online payments but has numerous other P2G services like introduction municipal complaints and applying for police character credential and for domiciles, etc. This system is integrated through The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) and all banks via 1-Link for interconnectivity to cater business to government (B2G) payments and Public to government (P2G) payments. The solution that is residential by The Punjab Information Technology Board and backed by the Finance Department of Punjab provides persons to pay their dues using the following 3 payment channels.

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The department has now productively enabled the online fee recompense module for ‘Transfer of Motor Vehicle’ through e-Pay Punjab. It is one of the best works done by the Punjab IT Board and it will decide the issue of many people who are typically busy and can’t spare time to visit GPO to pay token tax. In order to rationalize tax and levies collection procedure for citizens, PITB has planned an e-Payment Gateway that will take away the need for physical visits and wait in long queues.

How to Pay Taxes Online

  1. To pay the tax dues, you can access e-Pay application (ePay for Android/ePay for iPhone)
  2. Sign up in ‘ePay Punjab’ and fill out your personal information.
  3. Select your desired service to generate a 17-digit unique PSID number.
  4. This PSID number can be used by the citizens to pay the tax dues on any of the following three payment channels:
  • Internet Banking
  • ATM
  • OTC (Over the Counter) bank transaction

For example, I paid the token tax of my car from side to side UBL Mobile app. Then selected “Payments tab” then “Government and Online Payments” and “ePay Punjab” and in the previous I selected “Token Tax for Vehicle” where I entered PSID (copied from ePay app) and it’s done. My token tax paid, I got a verification message and the similar was updated on MTMIS record.

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