How to get Corona Vaccination Certificate from NADRA ?

How to

Pakistan’s vaccination advancement is showing talented results with falling numbers of cases, and will probably be bolstered by the fabrication of homegrown Pakistan vaccine. This text describes the step by step guidelines to download vaccination Certificate after completely vaccinated.

Attestation of vaccination certificates by the FO and the UAE embassy will not be compulsory for Pakistani travelers. The website states that a credential can also be downloaded if you have only been incompletely vaccinated.

This SMS (1166) service is being provided free of charge for Corona Vaccination Certificate.

The fee for vaccination certificate is Rs. 100.

The Corona Vaccination is being provided free of cost by the Pakistan Government

Vaccinated residents can now get COVID-19 vaccination certificates in being on online and get How to do this and what’s the reason of acquire a vaccine certificate? Please fallow the steps for more details.

  1. For Corona Vaccination Certificate First Access NIMS website nims.nadra(dot)gov(dot)pk
  2. Click on “Corona Vaccine Certificate” button and enter the required information
  3. Once you’ve filled in all the necessary information, proceed to payment
  4. Complete payment
  5. Print payment receipt and click continue for Corona Vaccination Certificate
  6. Review the information
  7. Download your certificate of Corona Vaccination