How to Open ZONG Paymax Account

How to

PayMax Bank Transfer to Bank Account agree to customers to send money to their friends, family and business partners straight into their Bank Account from any PayMax opening in the most efficient, safe and convenient way. Zong Customers can simply pay their Zong postpaid bills or top-up their prepaid mobile accounts instantly, by just on foot into an ATM nearest to them or by classification on to Zong website.

In short, you obtain a fully functional bank account that is tagged through your mobile number; in fact, your mobile number is your bank account number. The best part concerning using a mobile Account is that its services are irrespective of time and you can send money in any part of the country to someone who has a mobile account or immediately a valid CINC.

In order to transfer money to Bank account through a PayMax outlet, the following process will be followed:

  • Bring your original Nadra CNIC with a photocopy to any Zong Franchise or PayMax Agent.
  • Provide the amount, Sender’s mobile number, Receiver’s mobile number, Bank name and Bank Account number to Paymax Agent.
  • Confirm the receiver, Bank Account Title before transaction is processed by PayMax Agent.
  • Sender and receiver will get a confirmation SMS from 2525 once the transaction is successful.
  • Please collect the stamped receipt from the PayMax Agent.
  • Important Note: Expired Nadra CNICs will not be accepted for sending money to Bank Accounts.

Multiple payment options agree to you to make payments at your own ease and Available payment methods, for together Zong Prepaid and Postpaid customers and now you can get the How to Open ZONG Paymax Account.


Bank Transfer IBFT (OTC)
Start Slab Slab End Total Fee (PKR)
1 1,000 35
1,001 2,500 50
2,501 4,000 65
4,001 6,000 80
6,001 8,000 90
8,001 10,000 105
10,001 13,000 120
13,001 15,000 130
15,001 20,000 155
20,001 25,000 170
25,001 30,000 200
30,001 40,000 250
40,001 50,000 300


  • Rs. 50,000 per month on a CNIC