Karachi Green Line BRT Route Map & Stations

Sindh Governor Imran Ismail thought the Green Line project would turn into operational by the end of August or the start of September 2021. A Chinese firm has protected an order to offer 100 new energy buses for Karachi’s Green Line and Orange Line transport networks.

Karachi Green Line BRT Route Map

According to the particulars it will be connected through the other proposed routes of the Trans Karachi Breeze project at dissimilar points. The much-anticipated Green Line section of Bus Rapid Transit Service (BRTS), the first-ever modern mass transit system of Karachi will turn out to be operational by untimely September.

The project is to be undertaken by Pakistan Government / Ministry of Communications as a high precedence project as determined by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in their possibility Study conducted for Karachi Transportation Improvement Project.

Karachi Green Line BRT Stations

The current PTI government too has agreed so many deadlines but has yet to execute the ribbon-cutting on the Rs24 billion federal-funded projects. Through its strategic location and fast-growing economy, the port city has been meeting through increasingly strict traffic congestions.

  • Chinese auto giant Zhongtong has secured an order to provide 100 new energy buses for Karachi.
  • It is expected that after completion, Green Line BRT will facilitate over 300,000 passengers on a daily basis.
  • The mass transit project is expected to become operational this year.