Karachi University Admission 2022 Apply Online

The University of Karachi has extensive the closing date for submission of application forms of the entry-test-based online admissions 2022. The announcement issued by the varsity added that the students could acquire admission details, online admission forms, prospectus and admission-related strategy from the varsity’s official website

Karachi University Admission 2022

The University plans to demeanor the entry test during its assessment and testing service the Karachi University Assessment and Testing Service. Students apply to 4 and 5-year bachelor’s plan in the Department of Visual Studies (VS) must have get at least 45 marks in their Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC) or alike examinations.

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The University of Karachi would behavior the entry-test during its own appraisal and testing service, i.e. the Karachi University Assessment and Testing Service. Admission connected guidelines from the official web portal, and present the applicable documents along through the paid fee voucher on the similar portal till December 2.

Karachi University Admission Morning/Evening Programs

Bachelor Programs
Bachelor Design BA General History
BE Chemical Engineering BSc Hons Health Physical Education & Sports Sciences
BBA BSc Hons Mathematical Sciences
BBA (Hons) BSc Hons Physics
Bachelor Library & Information Science BSc Hons Biochemistry
BSCS BSc Applied Chemistry
BSSE (Bachelor Science in Software Engineering) BSc Chemical Technology
BSc Hons Biotechnology BSc Hons Chemistry
Doctor of Pharmacy Pharm D BSc Hons Microbiology
BA Psychology Hons BSc Hons Environmental Studies
BA Hons Audiology & Speech Pathology BS Food Science & Technology
BSc Hons Psychology BA Mathematics
Doctor of Physical Therapy DPT BSc Hons Applied Physics
PGD in Early Childhood Education Bachelor Architecture
BA Hons Special Education LLB
BA Hons Women Studies BA Criminology Hons
BA Hons Special Education BA School of Law
BEd BSc School of Law
BA Education BA Statistic Hons
BEd Special Education BSc Economic Hons
BA Islamic History Hons Postgraduate Diploma in Statistics
BA Islamic Learning Hons BSc Hons Statistics
BA Woman & Gender Studies (Hons) BCom
BA Arabic Hons BA Economics
Bachelor of Public Administrate (Hons) BS Commerce
BA Hons International Relations BSc Hons Zoology
BA Hons Mass Communication BSc Hons Botany
BA General History Hons BA Hons Urdu
BA Geography BA Sindhi Hons
BSc Geography Hons BA Persian Hons
BA Social Work Hons BA Philosophy Hons
BSc Space Science and Technology Hons BA Bengali Hons
BA Political Science Hons BS Actuarial Science & Risk Management
BLIS ( Library & Information Science ) BS Agriculture & Agribusiness Management
BSc Marine Science Bachelor Fine Arts
BSc Hons Physiology BA English
BA Usool Ud Din Hons BA Hons Sociology
Master Programs
MSc Marine Science MA Geography
MA English MA Geology
MA Sindhi MSc Health Physics Education and Sports Science
MA Botany MA Islamic History
MA Bengali MA Special Education
MA Urdu MA Usooluddin
MA Persian MA Quran & Sunnah
MA Philosophy MA Islamic Learning
MSc Zoology MA Education
MCom M Ed
MA/MSc Economics MSc Physiology
MBA Banking MA Physologhy
MBA Finance & Investment MA Genetics
MA Criminology MPA (Public Administrate)
MA Statistics MS Medicine
MSc Statistics MD Medicine
LLM MSc Petroleum Technology
MA Mathematics MPhrma Pharmaceutices
MSc Mathematics MA Phrmacology
MA Chemistry MPhrama Pharmacogonosy
MA Biochemistry MBA Marketing
MSc Biotechnology MBA Islamic Banking
MA Industrial Business & Mathematics MBA Project & Industrial Management
MSc Applied Chemistry and Chemical Technology MBA Supply Chain Management
MSc Applied Physic MBA HRM
MSc Microbiology MA Computer Science
MSc Environmental Studies MCS
MA Mass Communication MBA
MA Arabic MBA Executive
MA Social Work MA Sociology
MSc Space Science and Technology MA Pakistan Study
MA Library and Information Science MA Woman Studies
MA General History MA Political Science
MA International Relations
MPhil Programs
Mphil Islamic Banking & Finance MPhil Computer Technology
MPhil Analytical/Physical/Inorganic Chemistry MPhil Pharmacology
MPhil Clinical Psychology MPhil Leading to PhD in Biotechnology
MPhil Bio Organic Chemistry MPhil Leading to PhD Marine Biology
MPhil Molecular Medicine MPhil Biotechnology
MPhil Business Administration MPhil Islamic Studies
MPhil Textile Chemistry MPhil Chemistry
MPhil Plant Biotechnology MPhil Organic Chemistry
PhD Programs
PhD Textile Chemistry PhD Business Administration
PhD Chemistry PhD Computer Technology
PhD Marine Biology PhD Molecular Medicine
PhD Economics PhD Pharmacology
PhD Plant Biotechnology PhD Clinical Psychology
PhD Islamic Studies PhD Analytical/Physical/Inorganic Chemistry
PhD Biotechnology PhD Islamic Banking & Finance
PhD Bio Organic Chemistry PhD Organic Chemistry
Other Diploma Programs
Diploma in Food Safety and Controls Certificate in Management & E Commerce
Diploma in Rehabilitation Childhood Disorder Certificate in Leadership Management
Post Majjistral Diploma in Clinical Psychology Certificate in Marketing
Diploma in Local Govt and Administration Certificate in Human Resource & Management Information System
Certificate in Arabic Certificate in Accounting Software
Certificate in Child Psychology Certificate in Construction Management
Certificate in Human Behavior Certificate in Quantity Surveying & Costing
Certificate in Library and Information Sciences Certificate in Concrete Technology
Certificate in Mass Communication Certificate in Construction Engineering
Certificate in Mathematical Science Diploma in Complimentary Therapy
Certificate in Microbiology Postgraduate Diploma in Local Govt and Administration
Certificate in Persian Language CSS Test Prep
Certificate in Petroleum Technology Teaching in Technical Education
Certificate in Social Work PGD Diploma in Functional Arabic
Certificate in Urdu Certificate in Chinese Language &
Post Graduate Diploma in Information System Certificate in 2D & 3D Designing
Diploma in Information Technology Certificate in Human Resource Management & Labour Law
Diploma in IT Business Certificate in Web Development
Diploma in Telecommunication Technology Certificate in Graphic Designing

Karachi University Contact Number

Phone 92-21-99261300-06
Fax 92-21-99261340
Email vc@uok.edu.pk
 Website www.uok.edu.pk
 Affiliation HEC Recognized
 Address University Road, Karachi, 75270, Pakistan