Lahore Green Electric Busses Route Map, Stops & Station

Govt of Punjab Launch the Lahore Green Electric Busses. Download the PDF of Lahore Green Electric Busses Route Map, Stops & Station. A particular meeting for Punjab’s transport sector under the chairmanship of the CM of Punjab was seemingly in which he officially approved the planned plan for the running of Lahore Green Electric Buses across Lahore. CM Punjab added that electric buses will also be commencing in Faisalabad and other divisions and that the ability will run for the 1st time in Koh-e-Sulayman.

These buses will travel on 103 kilometres long six routes in Lahore while the service will also be starts in other cities through the public-private partnership. The minister also gives authorize to hiring the transport teacher sub-inspectors and sergeants in the province of Punjab.

The government of Punjab has strategy to operate green electric buses to reduce green pollution and to deal through the problem of smog in the province. Punjab CM has given agreement to run green electric buses in Lahore’s 103 kilometer long 6 routes. CM Punjab also officially accepted the plan to recruit Transport Inspectors, Sub-Inspectors, and Sergeants in Punjab to ensure the correct check and equilibrium of Punjab’s transport sector.