List of Mobile Manufacturing Companies in Pakistan

The licences have been matter under the Mobile Device Manufacturing (MDM) Regulations, 2021, matter by the PTA in January this year 2022. The winning implementation of Device Identification Registration and Blocking System (DIRBS) along through conducive government policies including the mobile phones manufacturing policy has created a favorable environment for cell device manufacturing in Pakistan.

List of Mobile Manufacturing Companies in Pakistan

The number of smartphones bring together and produced in January and February 2021 indicate a important increase as compared to the last 2 years. Samsung was a mobile phone huge and its decision to bring together phones in Pakistan was an indication of the achievement of Mobile Device Manufacturing Policy (MDMP) launched by the government of Pakistan.

Samsung & 21 other Companies Get Authorization For Mobile Manufacturing in Pakistan

The country affected 12.27 million cell phones compared to the imports of 8.29m sets the Pakistan Telecomm­unic­ation Authority (PTA) showed. The PTA thought a mobile ecosystem has been implement in Pakistan by eliminating imitation device market providing a level playing field for commercial entities.

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The cell phones companies were earlier granted assembling licence for 6 months that is set to end in June, while the manufacturing licence is suitable for 10 years. Economically and basically the joint venture is a pace in the right direction in the cell phone sector. Pakistan’s Mobile phone manufacturing industry witnessed an encouraging trend through the production of 1.21 million mobile.