MG 6 Pro Car Price in Pakistan, Specification

The Chinese Market has just witness the debut of a fully redesigned 3rd generation MG 6, through the Pro trim-level being a step up from the normal trim-level, thanks to its somewhat more forceful looks and sportier interior design. That is because the vehicle has just been discovered in the Chinese market, and the company is to come for the official launch to make known the complete information regarding the vehicle.

The short clip reveal the elegant design and sporty seem together through the futuristic interior of the MG 6 Pro. Belonging to a condensed family, MG 6 PRO is the c-segment car that might present tough time to Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic. This is a smart and exploratory sedan intended to offer a ‘do more’ approach engrained in British inheritance of the brand.

This time, the teaser shows the MG’s new MG6 pro through the words soon as a caption to the video. The car would compete through the likes of Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla in Pakistan. MG Pakistan was bringing to the country’s attention via his imaginative marketing strategy and social media teasers, and afterwards, his social media attendance helped the brand continue to produce in popularity.

MG 5 Price in Pakistan, Specs, Pictures

  • More aggressive looks
  • Sportier interior structure
  • 5-liter turbocharged engine
  • 3- cylinder petrol
  • Horsepower – 180 Watt
  • Torque: 280 nm
  • Moreover, a fully digital instrument panel
  • Three-spoke steering wheel
  • Also contains modern-looking physical buttons

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