Muharram 2022 Status & DP

This pkinfo post through Muharram Status, Muharram DP, Wishes Status in Urdu and Hindu languages to help you. HD Muharram Dp’s & Muharram Status latest collection is in 2022 as the new Muslims holy year is started. Muharram Dp & Status attractive and beautiful Muharram Wallpapers for your cell phone.

Muharram 2022 Status

The Islamic new year also marks the commencement of the month of Muharram, 2nd most important month according to the Islamic calendar. The Muharram festival celebrated on the commemoration of the fight of Hazrat Imam Hussain (R.A) who is the grandson of Prophet Muhammad which take place at the battle of Karbala.

9th 10th Muharram (Ashura) 2022 Date in Pakistan

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This is a festival of happiness but,
still, we have seen bad things,
which belongs to very well educated family people but
still, we claim on uneducated ones,
All people are a great person.

Anjam-E-Wafa Kya Hay Yeah Socha Nahi Kartay
Muslim Kabhi Halaat Se Soda Nahi Karty
Ye Rasm Sikhai Hy Hussain Ibn-Ali Nay
Sisajdy Mein Hou Toh Teeron Ki Parwah Nahi Karty.

Dost ke hijre mainn bhala kis ko chaen aya hai
Ser utha mere Habib dekho Hussain aya hai

ae kash main bhi hota shaql e HUSSAIN main
yazeediat say larta badle HUSSAIL main
karbala main ro kr qudrat ne y kaha
shaheed main bhi hota fazle HUSSAIN main

Sar Gair K Aage Na Jukane Wala Aur Nezey Pey Bhi Quraan Sunaney Wala Islam Se Kya Poochte Ho Kon Hussain Islam Ko Islam Banane Wala

May Allah bless us all with goodness and better health throughout this year. Have a blessed Muharram!