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Najam Sethi PCB chairman is a well-known journalist, cricket administrator, and politician in Pakistan. He has held various positions in the media and sports industry, including serving as the chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). In this article, we will take a closer look at Najam Sethi’s role as the PCB chairman and his contributions to Pakistani cricket.

PCB Chairman

Najam Sethi as a PCB Chairman

Sethi was appointed as the PCB chairman in 2014, succeeding Zaka Ashraf. One of his main priorities as the chairman was to improve the financial stability of Pakistani cricket. He accomplished this by securing lucrative sponsorship deals and increasing the number of international cricket matches played in Pakistan.

Under Sethi’s leadership, the PCB also made significant progress in improving the infrastructure and facilities for cricket in the country. This included the construction of new international-standard cricket stadiums and the renovation of existing ones.

Sethi was also instrumental in bringing international cricket back to Pakistan. For many years, international teams had avoided touring Pakistan due to security concerns. However, Sethi worked closely with the government and other stakeholders to improve the security situation in the country, which eventually led to the return of international cricket to Pakistan.

In addition to his work with the PCB, Sethi has also served as the chairman of the Pakistan Super League (PSL), a professional Twenty20 cricket league. He played a key role in the establishment and success of the PSL, which has become one of the most popular T20 leagues in the world.

Sethi’s efforts to promote and improve Pakistani cricket have not gone unnoticed. He has received numerous awards and accolades for his contributions to the sport, including being named one of the top 50 most influential people in world cricket by Cricket World magazine.

Najam Sethi Profile

NameNajam Aziz Sethi
Date of BirthMay 20, 1948
Material StatusMarried
WifeJugnu Mohsin
ChildrenSon (Ali Sethi) & Daughter
TV Channels & Shows24HD (Najam Sethi Show) | GEO (Aapas ki Baat)
EducationGraduated from Government College, Lahore
MA degree in Economics and Politics from Cambridge University, UK
Ph.D. research student at Clare College (Not Completed)

FAQ’s Related to Najam Sethi

What is the Salary of the PCB Chairman?

Salary of the PCB Chairman is not officially announced but Aprox more then 10 Lac is expected.

Who is Najam Sethi Wife?

He married to fellow journalist Jugnu Mohsin (Syeda Maimanat Mohsin).

Who is Najam Sethi Daughter?

Mira Sethi is Najam Sethi Daughter.

Who is the PCB Chairman before Najam Sethi in 2022?

Ramiz Hasan Raja as a PCB from 13 September 2021 – 21 December 2022

How Old is Najam Sethi?

74 Years old.

What is the education of Najam Sethi?

MA degree in Economics and Politics

What is Najam Sethi Net Worth?

Aproximatley 1,132,750,000.00 Pkr ($5 Million).

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In conclusion, Najam Sethi has played a vital role in the development of Pakistani cricket as the chairman of the PCB. Through his efforts to improve the financial stability of the sport, improve infrastructure and facilities, and bring international cricket back to Pakistan, he has made a significant impact on the future of Pakistani cricket.