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PM Shehbaz believed his government’s move to increase fuel prices were necessary to keep away from Pakistan from facing bankruptcy. The prime minister thought that aside from the relief package, the government would directly provide Rs 2,000 for around 85 million people to help them fight the effects of inflation. The decision was execute later than the support of the Finance Division’s proposal in a summary regarding the prices of petroleum products.

PM Relief Package 2022

Shehbaz says govt will immediately provide Rs 2,000 to around 85m families

The package will offer financial assistance to almost 85 million people which are almost one-third of the total population of Pakistan. The premier thought his take charge of the government at a time when the country was facing a innumerable of crises. Recounting the economic failure of the PTI government, PM Shehbaz thought Pakistan was burdened through Rs20,000 billion debt taken by the previous rulers while the present fiscal year’s budget deficit stood at Rs5,600bn.

The finance ministry thought the premier had issue directions to stay petroleum prices unchanged to pass up burdening citizens. The Petroleum Division on Friday speedily prepared a summary, proposes the withdrawal of PDCs on petroleum products and moved it to the federal dresser for support.

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An expensive diesel will also construct the wheat produce costly, as tractors running on the fuel operate thrashers and transport the make to its destinations. The premier also publicizes to initiate a consultative process to get all the political parties on board in order to guarantee smooth implementation of the economic policies. The Prime Minister said the previous government announced subsidy on petroleum prices for its political benefits with no keeping in view the insecure situation of the national exchequer, putting the nation into stern economic crisis.

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