Pakistan Super League (PSL) 8 Trophy and All Seasons trophies

PSL 8 Trophy

The PSL Trophy, given to the winning team at the award ceremony is the most prestigious award a team can win but the trophy itself hasn’t always been the same. It has had numerous iterations before its current permanent trophy. We will show PSL 8 trophy as well all previous seasons trophies.

PSL trophy

PSL 2016 Trophy

Though not much is known about the material composition or origin of this award, the inaugural edition gave a trophy which was a large glass star sat on a 3-legged stand with 2 ribbons on the front 2 legs, adorned with the title sponsor, HBL’s logo.

PSL 2016 trophy

PSL 2017 Trophy

This trophy was designed and manufactured by Swarovksi, an Austrian glass producer. This was the first iteration that resembled a normal trophy and some of the motifs in this trophy can be seen in all future designs. The trophy had a base black base with a silver mantle on which was written the tournament name, logo, and winner’s achievement. From the base, a shiny glittery silver cone that slightly increased in diameter was erect and a gold band flowed along its sides like a ribbon. At the top was again a glass star but with a gold crescent behind it.

PSL 2017 trophy

PSL 2018 Trophy

The 2018 trophy was similar to the 2017 award but with a few key changes. Once again made by Swarovski, in the center was a shiny and glittery silver cylinder that was partially encased in a gold shell. On the cylinder, the main colors of the PSL teams were drawn across its circumference. At the top, on a golden base, stood the familiar glass star and now a silver crescent. The color of the teams that was incorporated into the final design became a trend seen in all future trophies.

PSL 2018 trophy

PSL 2019 Trophy

Then in 2019, Swarovski was brought back for the last time to work on a PSL trophy. All the Pakistan Super League trophies given that year had a green and white motif, indicative of the Pakistani flag, and the same was seen for the winner’s trophy. A shiny green cylinder stood at the center of the trophy with shiny silver bars, which formed an incline surrounding it. At the sides of each bar could be seen the individual main colors of the PSL teams. There was no crescent at the top this time, only a glass star.

PSL 2019 trophy

PSL 2020,2021,2022 Trophy

The 2020 trophy completely overhauled the previous shiny spiral look, in favor of a more chic silver design. These changes first began on the manufacturing level with Swarovski being replaced with UK-based manufacturer, Ottewill Silversmith. This new design has a crescent and star with multi-colored strips of enamel. This design is being used since the 2020 PSL, with every year’s winning team name engraved on it. As it is a permanent trophy, all winning teams must return the trophy. It will most likely be this very trophy that gets used for PSL 8.

PSL 7 trophy

PSL 2023 Trophy

The new trophy for the eighth edition of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) has been unveiled in a ceremony at the Shalimar Gardens in Lahore on Thursday. The new PSL Trophy named the “24-karat Supernova Trophy”, was unveiled by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman of the Management Committee Najam Sethi, in the presence of franchise owners and senior cricketers.

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