PSL 2016 – 2023: Every Season Points Table

PSL 2023

The format of the Pakistan State League (PSL) has always been a double round-robin stage followed by the playoffs. Each team in the tournament contests against the other 5 teams twice collecting points to secure a spot in the playoffs. A point system was put in place to decide the team ranking and qualifications for the final stages of the event. Each team will participate in 10 matches during the group stage and each win is worth 2 points, meaning the most points a team could have been 20 points. The top 4 teams, based on points accumulated, advance to the playoffs. Apart from the points, the Net Run Rate (NRR) is a good measure of a team’s tournament performance and can even decide which teams qualify for the playoffs in case they have equal points.

PSL Points Table

PSL 2023 Points Table

The PSL 2023 Points Table is presented below and will receive regular live updates as the tournament begins in February.

Multan Sultans000000
Lahore Qalandars000000
Peshawar Zalmi000000
Islamabad United000000
Quetta Gladiators000000
Karachi Kings000000
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MP = Matches Played

W = Wins

L = Losses

NR = No result (most commonly due to rain)/ Tied

Pts = Points

NRR = Net Run Rate

All Season PSL Points Table

As the ranking system is exclusive to the group stage, the no. 1 top ranking doesn’t always have to be the winner. Only for the second and third PSL were the top-ranking team the eventual champions. Since then, the winners have consistently been the second-highest-ranked team. The 2016 inaugural edition was the only exception to this convention, with the third-place team winning the PSL Trophy. You can tell a lot about the overall tournament just by glancing at the Points Table. The PSL 2023 points table will be updates as event will start. The previous PSL Point Tables, along with their placements by the end of the event are given below.

PSL 2022 Points Table

Pos.TeamM. PldWLNRPtsNRR
1Multan Sultans (R)10910181.253
2Lahore Qalandars (C)10640120.765
3Peshawar Zalmi1064012-0.340
4Islamabad United104608-0.069
5Quetta Gladiators104608-0.708
6Karachi Kings101902-0.891

The previous 7th edition of PSL was most memorable due to the Lahore Qalandars finally winning the PSL title. As the only team that had yet to win the championship, their victory was long anticipated. The best team overall has to be the Multan Sultans who were almost entirely undefeated, except for one 1 match against the eventual champions. Quetta Gladiators had a very disappointing run, with the most losses ever recorded by a team during the PSL.

PSL 2021 Points Table

Pos.TeamM. PldWLNRPtsNRR
1Islamabad United10820160.859
2Multan Sultans (C)10550101.050
3Peshawar Zalmi (R)10550100.586
4Karachi Kings1055010-0.115
5Lahore Qalandars1055010-0.589
6Quetta Gladiators102804-1.786

Though Islamabad United made a fantastic return as the no. 1 team, after ranking at the bottom last year, the 6th edition was the year the Multan Sultan’s finally took the trophy home. After their phenomenal performance last year, the Multan Sultan’s clinched victory at the finals with the highest net run rate of the teams. In that same vein, however, the Quetta Gladiators recorded the lowest net run rate to date of any team at the PSL.

PSL 2020 Points Table

Pos.TeamM. PldWLNRPtsNRR
1Multan Sultans10622141.031
2Karachi Kings (C)1054111-0.190
3Lahore Qalandars (R)1055010-0.072
4Peshawar Zalmi104519-0.055
5Quetta Gladiators104519-0.722
6Islamabad United1036170.185

The 2020 PSL was full of surprises and an event to remember. Not only did Lahore Qalandars suddenly go from the lowest-ranked team for 2 consecutive years to the runner-ups, the Karachi Kings unexpectedly won the PSL Trophy. There was heavy rain as well which lead to 3 No Result outcomes. 3 of the teams that qualified for the Play-offs had net run rates in the negative.

PSL 2019 Points Table

Pos.TeamM. PldWLNRPtsNRR
1Peshawar Zalmi (R)10730140.828
2Quetta Gladiators (C)10730140.376
3Islamabad United10550100.127
4Karachi Kings1055010-0.673
5Multan Sultans1033060.173
6Lahore Qalandars103306-0.837

The 4th edition of PSL saw Quetta Gladiators finally winning the trophy and Peshawar Zalmi becoming runner-up for the second time. They were also the team with the best overall performance. Faith in the Quetta Gladiators, prior to the tournament, was at a low after a phenomenal year in 2017, to a disappointing 4th place rank in 2018 but they returned better than ever to win the 2019 PSL.

PSL 2018 Points Table

Pos.TeamM. PldWLNRPtsNRR
1Islamabad United (C)10730140.296
2Karachi Kings10541110.028
3Peshawar Zalmi (R)10550100.464
4Quetta Gladiators10550100.312
5Multan Sultans104519-0.191
6Lahore Qalandars103706-0.931

Islamabad United cemented itself as one of the strongest teams after winning their second PSL Trophy, a feat no other team has accomplished even 4 years later. Not only were they the top-ranking team, but they had also won only 2 years after their victory at the inaugural PSL edition. Peshawar Zalmi, the runner-up, showed consistency with their high placement after their championship wins the year prior. The biggest change of the 2018 PSL however, has to be the introduction of a 6th team in the form of the Multan Sultans.

PSL 2017 Points Table

Pos.TeamM. PldWLNRPtsNRR
1Peshawar Zalmi (C)8*43190.309
2Quetta Gladiators (R)843190.166
3Karachi Kings84408-0.098
4Islamabad United84408-0.139
5Lahore Qalandars83506-0.223


* = The Multan Sultans weren’t part of the PSL team lineup until 2018 so the total matches played were just 8 as opposed to the current 10.

After placing as the top team in the inaugural edition of PSL, Peshawar Zalmi unsurprisingly won the PSL Trophy, replicating their top-ranking performance of last year as well. The Quetta Gladiators also became runner-ups for the second time. All the teams that qualified for the playoffs won 4 matches with the runner-up and champion experiencing a no-result outcome due to rain.

PSL 2016 Points Table

Pos.TeamM. PldWLNRPtsNRR
1Peshawar Zalmi8620120.573
2Quetta Gladiators (R)8620120.216
3Islamabad United (C)84408-0.282
4Karachi Kings82604-0.036
5Lahore Qalandars82604-0.536

The inaugural edition of PSL was an instant success, garnering millions of national and international viewers throughout its run time. Peshawar Zalmi performed the best overall and were ranked accordingly. The winner, however, was Islamabad United, with the Quetta Gladiators lagging right behind. The Lahore Qalandars, on the other hand, performed rather disappointingly, a trend that could be observed for a few years, until the more recent PSL tournaments.

Total Championships Wins and Runner-Ups by Team

Islamabad United2 (2016, 2018)0
Peshawar Zalmi1 (2017)3 (2018, 2019, 2021)
Lahore Qalandars1 (2022)1 (2020)
Quetta Gladiators1 (2019)2 (2016, 2017)
Karachi Kings1 (2020)0
Multan Sultans1 (2021)1 (2022)

Which is the best team in PSL?

The team with the greatest and most consistent performance is either the Multan Sultans or Peshawar Zalmi, with the latter having qualified for the playoffs every year since PSL’s inception. They are also the only team to be runner-ups on 3 occasions. While the Multan Sultans, a later edition to the tournament, started at the bottom but have played exceptionally in the past 3 years, becoming champions in 2021, runner-up in 2022, and the no. 1 ranked team in 2020. As of right now, they are the best team.


(C) = Champions

(R) = Runner Ups


When will PSL 8 start?

Pakistan Super League 8 (PSL 8) is scheduled to start on 2nd week of February 2023.

How many countries will participate in PSL 2023?

There will be: Afghanistan (five), Australia (three), England (10), Ireland (two), Namibia (one), New Zealand (four), South Africa (four), Sri Lanka (two), West Indies (four) and Zimbabwe (one).

How many teams are in PSL 2023

There are total 6 teams in PSL 8 – Islamabad United , Lahore Qalandars , Karachi Kings, Quetta Gladiators, Peshawar Zalmi, and Multan Sultans