Punjab Govt Budget 2022-23 Pakistan

In Pakistan, the structure of pay is different from those other western countries in these countries have a every day base system of charitable the courage of their hard work but our state has a review base. The budget will include preparation and business opportunites for youth, housing schemes for underprivilleged and destitute people and super projects for clean water and commercial infrasturecute for Lahore.

Punjab Govt Budget 2022-23

The question arise in our intellect that is it appropriate to demand our salary increase in the common condition of corona. It is accountability of PAO to keep obtainable adequate funds in all heads of accounts and This section sets out the procedure for the training of the Budget 2022-23. All Federal Ministries Divisions will get ready their budget on Performance & Output Based Budgeting System.

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All through the financial year, particularly ERE to avoid any setback or non payment of salaries. The budget meeting will be chaird by Specker Punjab Assembly though the Assembly Secretarit has finished prepartions for the Budget meeting. The permission of established and the complete taxes are compulsory for the next day and every person is dependable according to the law of this schedule of taxes and paid on time.

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