Punjab Mazdoor Card 2022 Online Registration

CM Labour card is for the workers who go from backward area and family. This card will offer several benefits to the Labor and also their families. Regarding the scheme, a communication of understanding was signed among the Social Security Commissioner, Syed Bilal Haider and the Bank of Punjab representatives. Together Azeem and Bajwa preserve that the real solution to the problems of the working class is not ‘charity, but ‘labor empowerment’ so that people can stand up for their rights previously agreed to them by the Constitution of Pakistan.

Punjab Mazdoor Card 2022

The labourers working against least amount wages were registered to provide them through ATM-based debit card and mobile vaults and it would provide benefits such as concession of 5 to 45 per cent at more than 150 outlets (grocery, clothing etc.) to raise minimum wages close to the living wages.

Punjab Mazdoor Card first time in the history of Pakistan, the government of Punjab is introduce Mazdoor Card, after Sehat and Kisaan cards. This card will offer several benefits to the Labor and also their families. Under this scheme Domestic workers registration app is launch to download from google playstore.

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The workers were being remunerated financial benefits under the social security at their homes throughout the PESSI Cash Benefit mobile app inside 10 days. The card will be used as a debit card and identity code. Also, Punjab Mazdoor Card will be accepted at hospitals and dispensaries of the Social Security Institute in private, enlisted hospitals across the province.

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