Sony Vision-S 02 EV Electric SUV 2022 Price in Pakistan & Specs

The Vision-S 02 is still a idea car and we don’t know if Sony will compose it a production vehicle base on it at all. The Japan firm also common its plans to enter the EV segment and make cars under the Sony Mobility Inc. Sony hasn’t released presentation figures beyond confirm that the SUV will be capable to exceed 180kph nor has it full its battery capacity. This prototype vehicle is equipped by control arms front and rear through air springs and rides on 20-inch wheels.

Sony Vision-S 02 EV Electric SUV

  • Sony Vision S 02 SUV revealed
  • Second EV concept from Sony
  • Could enter production
  • Semi-autonomous tech on-board
  • Capable of playing PlayStation games remotely
  • New Sony mobility firm to be established

The first idea from the Japanese tech giant was thought to be little more than a demonstration of its technology, though things are dissimilar this time. The interesting bit regarding the new concept is that it’s filled through sensors on the exterior and inside. The concept SUV uses Sony (SNE) sensors to enable several self-driving functions and makes use of the company’s know-how in entertainment.

This time, Sony plans to potentially send the car to manufacture, and the company will begin Sony Mobility Inc. this year. The tech company’s aspirations appear to have changed this year, as it’s preparation to potentially enter the market soon, presentation a new Vision-S 02 SUV that can seat up to 7 passengers.

There’s also a digital video stream service called “Bravia Core for Vision-S,” which can stream satisfied to any of the infotainment displays in the car. Others show off the design of the user border or feature a test of distant driving via a 5G connection linking Tokyo and Germany in real-time.

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  • Sony Mobility Inc expected to launch in the coming months
  • Vision-S 02 measures just under 5m in length and 2m in width
  • SUV’s screens can be connected to a Sony Playstation to play video games

Sony won’t be the first technology company to get the plunge into the automotive market. Electric mobility is the future of vehicular society across the world and This has presented an opportunity to all brands across different industries to be part of the ongoing electric vehicle (EV) revolution which will see the arrival of many path-breaking technologies in upcoming years.

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