Top 10 Castes In Pakistan According to Population Percentage

The caste system appear as a global occurrence from times unknown and as history puts it, the Aryans introduce the caste system as a means of calculating the local populations. The important terms are appreciably less painful and awful and our dear homeland is no immunity to this inhuman system.

In Punjab, the local Punjabis use Butt as a communal terminology, while Butt is a common last name used mostly in the Kashmir Valley. The Mughal dynasty originally ruled the Indian subcontinent and The Arabic term Sheikh means “lord”, the leader of a tribe, admirable or Islamic scholar. Traditionally, Sheikhs came from Iran, Central Asian Turkish tribes, and Arabs.

Pakistanis, Indians and other south Asian countries split the identical cultural and religious roots. Gujjar is consider an essential and historical tribe and presents a extremely diverse cast, both linguistically and religiously and now below you can get the List of Top 10 Castes In Pakistan According to Population Percentage.

  1. Butt

  2. Khan

  3. Rajpoot

  4. Arain

  5. Sheikh

  6. Mughal

  7. Gujjar

  8. Jutt

  9. Qureshi

  10. Memon