Zong ‘Apna Shehr Gujrat’ Offer

Pakistan’s leading cellular and digital services supplier, Zong 4G, has launched the ‘Apna Shehr Gujrat’ offer, which carry an unmatched calls and data contract for Gujrat, as part of its aim to digitally empower Pakistanis across the country. Most Zong SIM card users were look for their city offer but now Zong has made it probable and has also released special city offers which Zong users will recognize as Zong Apna Shehar Offers or Location-Based offers. These offers are for the detailed province and for the particular cities of those provinces.

Zong ‘Apna Shehr Gujrat’ Offer

Zong specially designed these offer to tailor the customers’ demands of these areas. Zong has continued to bring in customized offers for shoppers all through the nation, based mostly on their utilization and supplies, as a customer-centric company. This new bundle, dubbed the ‘Apna Shehr Gujrat’ offer, will facilitate Gujrat, Jalal Pur Jattan, and Lala Musa users the free will to fulfil all of their communications requirements for the entire week in an entirely hassle-free way.

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Zong has continued to bring in personalized deals for clients crossways the country based on their usage and necessities as a customer-centric corporation. Zong has continued to bring in personalized deals for clients crosswise the country, based on their usage and requirements, as a customer-centric corporation and now get complete details of Zong ‘Apna Shehr Gujrat’ Offer.

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