Zong Launches IDD (International Direct Dial) Mobily Bundles for Saudi Arabia

The provisions of our customers are of nearly all tremendous import to us and we will keep enhancement our itinerant portfolio throughout more creative products and services for our customers. The present incorporates appealing week later than week and month to month global roaming offers for both prepaid and postpaid customers of Zong.

To double the joys of Eid and enable Pakistanis in Saudi Arabia to unite seamlessly through the loved ones back at home, the country’s top cellular and digital services provider, Zong 4G, has introduced indomitable IDD (International Direct Dial) offers in collaboration through Saudi’s leading telecom company, Mobily.

Saudi Arabia Mobily Bundles Price (PKR)/Validity Resources Subscription Type
  • Weekly Bundle Rs.100 Mobily 100+Tax (Weekly) 15 Mins *6911# Prepaid
  • Weekly Bundle Rs.250 Mobily 250+Tax (Weekly) 40 Mins *6911# Prepaid
  • Monthly Bundle Rs.500 Mobily 500+Tax (Monthly) 90 Mins *6911# Prepaid & Postpaid
  • Monthly Bundle Rs.1000 Mobily 1000+Tax (Monthly) 200 Mins *6911# Prepaid & Postpaid

The requirements of our customers are of utmost significance to us and we will continue attractive our roaming portfolio through more inventive products and services for our customers. The industry-leading international roaming offer by Zong have reserved Pakistanis flawlessly in touch with their friends and families as they go on board on international travel.